Las Cruces Genderbender

Welcome to Las Cruces Genderbender, LCGB. This site has been in existence since 2009. It was originally a place to help LGBTQ people find out what events were happening for whichever group one might be interested in.

As things naturally ebb and flow, LCGB now currently does not really host any groups or events.


SCOTUS Hits Pause Button

On Monday, January 6, the United States Supreme Court decided to suspend marriage licenses to same-sex couple in the state of Utah. Here in Dona Ana County, our own County Clerk, Lynn Ellins, decided to issue "same gender" marriage licenses during the Summer of 2013, on the heels of the SCOTUS' decision which overturned both Prop. 8 and DOMA. Later, Ellins spent his own money defending himself in court when licenses to same-sex couples were briefly suspended here in New Mexico. Recently, the New Mexico Supreme Court gave the green light to same-sex couples to obtain marriage licenses.

However, many see this as a setback to LGBT rights. U.S. District Judge Robert Shelby originally struck down Utah's ban on same-sex marriage. Utah had already passed a law that specifically stated that marriage could only occur between a man and a woman. Many, too, are speculating that this could eventually be a states' rights issue and could drag on for many more years. Judge Shelby had been nominated by President Obama, then later confirmed for his seat on the high Tribunal in 2012.

In Utah, some 950 licenses were issued to gay and lesbian couples. These, of course, now hang in the balance as to their validity. This is a good thing New Mexico has escaped this disaster. Washington, and of course, state governments are not known for freely sharing their power. In a way, our own Ellins weilded a great deal of power by going forward and issuing licenses here in Dona Ana County. However, before I go farther, one has to take into account the politics involved in places like Utah and our SCOTUS.

Presently, it seems, our federal government acts to protect the one-percent while leaving the 99% out in the cold. One can't help from thinking that the all-powerful (and all-wealthy) Mormon Church has a lot riding on this. While we may be a much smaller state, especially in terms of population, power in New Mexico seems to flow differently. So, that being said, there seems to be little chance that such a disaster could have ever struck. I do feel confident that Ellins proceeded quite cautiously, assuring New Mexico would not hit an unseen iceburg, like the ill-fated Titanic did in April of 1912.

A very few states, Rhode Island comes to mind, have actually passed same-sex marriage on their own devices. The current number of states where same-sex marriage is legal now stands at 17. There are also lawsuits and efforts to get state legislatures to pass same-sex marriage in the states where marriage is specifically limited to a man and a woman. Most likely, this will be reflected across red and blue states: Southern states being slowest to pass same-sex marriage, and some southern states may never pass same-sex marriage.

In many ways the SCOTUS, too, wishes to keep its own power locked up in its own corner market. Same-gender marriage should be a Civil Rights issue, and should be passed in all states, since States' Rights should have more to do with fiscal responsibility, than the procurement of civil rights. But recent years have shown (with the SCOTUS okaying "corporations are people, too") that the SCOTUS has gone rather rogue, stepping in where the President and Congress have failed.

Thank goodness we have Lynn Ellins here in Dona Ana County!


A Proposal

If anyone should want or desire to help with organizing a new gay men's group, I am proposing to call it Las Cruces Jolly Commons.

LCJC, should have a board of directors. It should also be an LLC. I encourage LCJC to become a union of either older or older and slightly overweight gay men in the Las Cruces area who wish to build a stronger and better gay community and community in general. It is a must we organize and have officers and meetings to discuss our affairs and our events—this so officers can be held accountable by the group's members.

I am also calling for the formation of the following: A Lesbian group, Transgender/Transsexual group, and Queer/Questioning group.

Please feel free to contact me here, by e-mail.