Las Cruces Genderbender

Welcome to Las Cruces Genderbender, LCGB. This site has been in existence since 2009. It was originally a place to help LGBTQ people find out what events were happening for whichever group one might be interested in.

At this time, unless someone can come forward, we have to pull the plug on this web-site, taking it off of life-support, 30 September, 2015.


Shutdowns & Cutbacks & Saving this website

Las Cruces seems to be experiencing a general lack of interest in LGBTQ groups.

LGBTQ seems to have become an acronym of youth organizations, often associated with New Mexico State University. However, there is no doubt a good deal of interest at NMSU. If, for some reason, interest in LGBTQ events does pick up once again, perhaps this site can be of service.

If you wish to save this website, contact me here, by e-mail.